Highland Avenue


P1010569.JPG P1000829.JPGHouses on Highland Avenue.

Travels east-west between Rochester and Brighton
East - Clover Street
West - Mt. Hope Avenue
Approx. 3.8 miles

Highland Avenue is a predominantly residential street that travels through the city's Southeast Quadrant and parts of Brighton, often forming the border between the two. It is heavily wooded, as it also runs along both Highland Park and Cobbs Hill Park. The trails of Washington Grove pass nearly into the backyards of houses on Highland east of Monroe Avenue.

Highland Avenue travels through many attractive, desirable neighborhoods ranging from the solidly middle-class to downright wealthy with an old-money feel. In the city, these are the Lilac Neighborhood, the Cobbs Hill Neighborhood, Upper Monroe, the Highland Park Neighborhood, and Upper Mount Hope and the Azalea Neighborhood. In Brighton you will find the Bel-Air Neighborhood, the Houston Barnard Tract, and the Houston Barnard Subdivision. There are some particularly impressive houses on the back sides of Pinnacle and Cobbs Hills.

Of course, since Highland divides Rochester from Brighton in several places, it's often difficult to determine if a particular address is in one or the other municipality. Further confounding the matter is Monroe County's unusual zip code system, which results in locations miles outside city limits nevertheless having a Rochester address.

Major intersections are South Avenue, South Goodman, South Clinton, Monroe Avenue, and I-590.

Located on Highland Avenue

Traveling east.

The annual Lilac Festival is held at the corner of Highland and South Avenue.


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