Clover Street

Southeastern suburbs of Monroe County
North - Corwin Road in Brighton
South - Sibley Road and Cheese Factory Road in Honeoye Falls
Approx. 13 miles

Clover Street is a long suburban road that, traveling north to south, passes through Brighton, Pittsford, West Henrietta, and Honeoye Falls. It is notable for forming the border between Pittsford and Brighton, especially at East and Monroe Avenues. In Pittsford and Honeoye Falls it is also Route 65.

Clover boasts many beautiful older homes, including the unique Alcoa House. It makes for a scenic drive/bike ride any time of the year.

Traveling south, important intersections are:

The Lehigh Valley Trail also intersects with Clover.

Though never actually within city limits, Clover Street is broadly defined as "Clover Street, Rochester," with many locations having a Rochester address due to Monroe County's peculiar zip code system.


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