Lehigh Valley Trail


Main Trail - 22 km
North Branch - ? km
Main Trail - Genesee Valley Greenway (West) to Auburn Trail (East)
North Branch - Main Trail in Rush (South) to Erie Canal Trail (North)
Main Trail - Monroe County Parks Dept.
North Branch - Henrietta Foundation and Town of Brighton

Lehigh Valley Trail is primarily a stone-dust trail for pedestrians and bicycles - NO motorized vehicles are allowed.

The Main Lehigh Valley Trail follows the path of the former Lehigh Valley Railroad, running east-west through the towns of Henrietta, Rush, and Mendon. The rail line has been converted to a trail with a smooth gravel and crushed stone path and new wooden bridges over the railroad truss that cross the Genesee River, Honeoye Creek, and other underpasses.

The North Branch of the Lehigh Valley Trail is still being completed. It currently runs North from the former Rochester Junction in Rush to Calkins Road in Henrietta where it disappears into suburban streets. It then picks up at Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road and runs North through Brighton until it reaches the Erie Canal Trail near Kendrick Road.

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2012-11-29 16:58:29   Actually, the part of the trail between GVP and BHTL follows the Erie Railroad commuter right-of-way, and the powerlines follow the old Lehigh Valley Railroad R.O.W. —alex-c