P1010060.JPGView of the Goodman Street Yard from an artist's studio loft at 176 Anderson Street. Taken during the Landmark Society NOTA tour of Sept. 29, 2012. For information on Amtrak service to/from Rochester, see How To Get To Rochester.

Rochester used to have a beautiful train station designed by Claude Bragdon in 1914. Alas, it was torn down in 1965 thanks to misguided "urban renewal" efforts catering to the almighty automobile. A few fragments have been preserved and were exhibited at the University of Rochester Dept. of Rare Books & Special Collections in 2010. To see what could have been, check out the grand Utica train station, which has expertly preserved and is often used for wedding photographs.

Rochester's current Amtrak Station was built in the 1970s and was actually meant to be a temporary structure. Currently the City of Rochester is planning a new, improved station to be part of an Intermodal Transit Center. It is expected to be completed in 2016.

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