Houston Barnard Subdivision


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Bordering the city near the East Ave Wegmans
Semi-triangle formed by I-490, Clover Street, Highland Avenue and Willmette Drive
Neighborhood Association
Houston-Barnard Neighborhood Association

The Houston Barnard Subdivision is a sub-section of the Houston Barnard Tract that juts out in a semi-triangle. It shares many characteristics with the larger neighborhood, consisting of many grand eclectic homes, including some mansions, built in the 1920s and '30s and exhibiting diverse architectural styles. It is practically within walking distance of city limits, in particular the East Avenue Historic District, Culver University East, and North Winton Village.


This Brighton neighborhood was established by real estate developer Houston Barnard, who began purchasing and subdividing the area into fine residential neighborhoods, starting around 1918. A past Landmark Society tour visited the Houston Barnard Tract (Ambassador Drive, Sandringham, etc.) The current tour is in the “Houston Barnard Subdivision.” Barnard enforced the same restrictions here as he did in the main tract, to ensure high quality. He set a high minimum for house prices, laid out large lots, did not allow more than one outbuilding per site, and forbade apartment construction.

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