Azalea Neighborhood


P1020123.JPG Cape Cods.JPG

Centered on Highland Park and the abandoned psych center
North - Highland Avenue
South - Elmwood Avenue
East - South Goodman Street
West - South Avenue
Neighborhood Association
Azalea Neighborhood Association

The Azalea Neighborhood is a city neighborhood containing the residential streets of Meadowbrook Road, Azalea Road, Arbor Drive, and Laney Road. It is surrounded on three sides by Highland Park. Combined with the beautiful campus of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School to the north, Azalea has a quiet, wooded suburban atmosphere and feels rather isolated from the rest of Rochester. Its small homes, many of them Cape Cods, date from pre-WWII to 1980. The neighborhood association publishes a quarterly newsletter called "The Azalea View" and hosts an annual ice cream social.

The border between Rochester and Brighton falls between South Goodman and Lilac Drive.




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