Merchants Road

Southeast Quadrant
Northwest - Culver Road and Culver Parkway
Southeast - Browncroft Boulevard
Approx 1.3 miles

Merchants Road is a mixed-use route that serves as one of the primary commercial corridors of the North Winton Village area. Along with Culver Road and East Main Street, it is the backbone of the Culver-Merchants neighborhood. Its southernmost tip is part of Browncroft. Between Culver Parkway and Spencer Road to the north, it forms the border between the city and Irondequoit.

Merchants Road is an attractive street lined with well-tended homes, mostly [wikipedia]American Foursquares, and old-fashioned storefronts. It is very walkable, although the road is too narrow for comfortable bicycling.

North Winton Road is a major intersection.

Located on Merchants Road

Traveling north.


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