Desi Bazaar

1713 Crittenden Road, Brighton, NY 14623
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585 292 9895
585 292 1189
Wheelchair Accessible
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Desi Bazaar is a grocery store in Brighton that specializes in Indian, Pakistani, and South Asian foods and ingredients. They carry a variety of Turkish and Arabic products, as well as fresh halal meat that has been hand-slaughtered. They also have a takeout restaurant, serving fresh halal food and Afghan dishes.


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2008-08-03 03:10:17   Ok, so it's not a full restaurant. However, 99c for samosas that are fresh, hot, flakey and filled with a beautiful light spicy potato mix makes it better than most of the indian options in the area. Take the trip. —ColinRhodes

2010-02-04 20:41:44   They sell the samosas for cheaper in the evening. In my opinion though, they are not very spicy. The quest for the best Rochester samosa continues... —MehulMalik

2010-07-26 23:44:48   the phone for the store is actually 585-292-9895 the fax is 292-1189 —noorullah

2010-10-14 08:59:59   Their kebabs and biryani takeout meals go in my "good stuff cheap" category, and when in a rush it's certainly better than succumbing to a fast food chain just for time and price issues. —KairakuShugisha