Asian Food Market

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1885 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road, Henrietta NY, 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2010)
Every day 9am - 8pm
585 292 9888

Asian Food Market is a large Asian market in the old Mike Furniture Outlet store, next to the old BJ's on Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road in Henrietta. This store has 3 cash register aisles and has a seafood department with fresh fish on ice and others in tanks.


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2008-01-13 17:18:46   Worth a try. Very large selection. I believe this is the largest Asian market in the area. Many of the fish in the seafood department looked good. The fish in the tanks were interesting (looked like bottom feeders). Not sure I would eat those. —ScottHendler

2008-01-13 20:16:40   Best place to find Asian cuisine and paraphanelia.You WILL find products here you can't find anywhere else in Rochester. —HeidiAnn

2009-12-10 08:17:17   I went there a few weeks ago for stuff, good prices on lobster from the looks of it. Only place I've ever been to that had frogs and eels for sale. Wish I lived in Henrietta so I could go here more. —DamianKumor

2009-12-28 18:15:22   Paid a visit to this market around 12/15/09 to stock up on Japanese beverages and snacks. The store was still open and appeared to be well-stocked, but there was a sign out front mentioning that the owners' visas had expired and that they were going back to China at the end of the year. Now, this could have referred to the owners of the pottery and fine-art goods section at the front of the store (if it is indeed run by separate folks). This is a fantastic market that stocks products unavailable at Lee's; would be a shame to see it go. —ChrisSpiller

2010-12-16 18:15:44   From the Henrietta Town Planning Board minutes for 11/23/2010: "Asia Market applied to construct a 15,173 square foot building addition to the existing building on an existing 2.24 acres of land, located at 1885 Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road"

On September 13, 2010 and in November, 2010, Code Enforcement once again visited the site and determined nothing had been done to address the
multiple code violations and safety issues.

Application was tabled. —PeteB

2011-06-12 21:15:12   Very wide selection of fresh and live fish/seafood. Excellent selection of rice, beans, mushrooms, teas, and asian ingrediants. Unique section of oriental vases in the front of the store. If you're not use to a fresh fish market, the odor can be stifling until you adjust to it. Most employees I've tried to speak with have very limited English, if any. —WilliamRabjohn

2011-11-12 20:38:15   I really like this place! As stated by others, you WILL find things here that no one else has, in Rochester, NY area. Their building expansion is well underway, and appears to be larger than the existing store. Owner says existing and new buildings will be connected. It is a cultural experience to shop there! I am impressed with the number of products with non-GMO and organic labels. Produce is fresh, sometimes unknown to me, and prices throughout store are competitive. Best bet for assistance in English is with the RIT and UofR students shopping there. The pottery store at the entrance is no longer there. —JayGil

2012-07-23 12:24:41   Bought some bottled Kimchee there a few weeks back. Simply delicious. Going back today to get two more bottles! —NewtonNola

2013-06-01 16:04:39   it's not the best. theirs one that is better. their seafood isn't really fresh and they got them fron nyc. a long drive. I use to work their. —simontea