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artisticeats1.jpgPictures courtesy David Gottfried. artisticeats2.jpgTaken at the Public Market. artisticeats3.jpg

Public Market Winter Shed East Avon Flea Market Victor Farmers' Market Irondequoit Farmer's Market
Hours (as of June 2007)
Thursday: 7AM to 1PM Sunday: 7AM to 1PM Wednesday: 3PM to 7PM Thursday: 4PM to 8PM
Saturday: 6AM to 2PM
585 248 9274

Purveyors of [WWW]Pappardelle's Pasta.


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2007-06-09 20:10:42   Check out the Low Carb and Southwest pastas. All of the pastas are pricey at $3.50/half-pound, but very good. —DaveMahon

2008-07-19 20:19:03   In addition to taking a few pictures today, got one of my favorites... the chipotle pepper pasta. Really great stuff. Also, southwest blend is amazing, particularly if you go to the website, download and make the southwest chicken salad recipe (which I've also made sans meat). —DavidGottfried