Herrema's Food Market

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Herrema.jpgHerrema's Market, 6-2008

125 Pattonwood Drive, Rochester, NY 14617 [Directions]
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585 342 4240

Herrema's Food Market is a grocery store in Irondequoit. Located in the Stutson Bridge Plaza. Formerly an IGA, and before that, a Bells. They have a Herrema's discount card, offer a video rental service and opened a gas station in the plaza.


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2007-12-11 16:05:07   I never mind stopping in here, it's really a nice (if small) store. They are about the size of the East Avenue Wegmans. I pick up things here when visiting my friend who lives nearby and really appreciate the addition of the gas station. —SaraChristine

2007-12-11 16:18:54   The store's meat department prices are competitive with the larger stores in town. —MrPhil

2009-01-03 15:12:59   Really nice beer selection for a store its size and location. —AdamLynch

2012-08-05 07:56:56   This store is the bomb. Old school charm just the right size to get in and out.Great meat dept,baked goods,and beer selection. To my surprise they also have items I had only been able to find at Wegmans or specialty stores. The great customer service makes this store a gem, compared to the chain store Goliaths. Local businesses like this need our support or we will lose them. —josiemartin