West Main Street

Travels west from downtown Rochester
East - Exchange Boulevard/State Street
West - Genesee Street
Approx. 1.3 miles

West Main Street, as the name implies, is the western part of Main Street in Rochester. Parts of it are marked as Route 33.

    1. Sections
      1. Four Corners
      2. Cascade District
      3. Susan B. Anthony and COTS
      4. COTS and Bull's Head


Four Corners

East Main Street turns into West Main Street at the Four Corners in the center of the city. The name of this neighborhood refers to the intersection of East Main, West Main, State Street, Exchange Street. This was the site of some of the city's earliest buildings.

Cascade District

Once across Plymouth Avenue, West Main Street enters the Cascade District of reclaimed industrial buildings. (Note that Plymouth Avenue splits between North and South Plymouth Avenue at this intersection.) Ample parking and lunch-spot restaurants share street frontage with banks and trendy lofts. At the intersection with Broad Street, West Main is overpassed by the Inner Loop expressway, popularly considered the boundary of downtown.

Susan B. Anthony and COTS

Once past the Inner Loop, West Main forms the east-west border between the Susan B. Anthony and Changing of the Scenes neighborhoods. Near this wide junction are the Rochester City School District central office and Nick Tahou's Hots, a famous diner. This area is notable for its 19th-century industrial buildings built when the west landing of the Erie Canal over the Genesee River was here. Most have been converted to light industrial and residential use. Ford Street has its northern endpoint here.

COTS and Bull's Head

The intersection with Jefferson Avenue forms the north-south boundary between Susan B. Anthony and Bull's Head. This stretch of West Main is now the east-west border between Bull's Head and COTS. Named for a local tavern, Bull's Head has been the site of St. Mary's Hospital, now Unity, since the 1860s. A recent resurgence of small businesses has brightened some storefronts among the numerous underdeveloped plots.

It is at Genesee Street that West Main splits off into Chili Avenue, which turns south into the 19th Ward, and West Avenue, which forms the border between the 19th Ward and Dutchtown and U.N.I.T..


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