Chili Avenue

Extends west from the city and through Chili and Gates
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Northeast - West Avenue and West Main Street (city)
Southwest - Chili Center Riga Road
Approx. 10 miles

Chili Avenue is a main route between Rochester and the suburb of Chili. It also overlaps with Route 33A, Route 386 (between Scottsville Chili Road and Chili Center Coldwater Road) and Route 204 (between Brooks Avenue and the Airport Expressway). Note that many places along Chili Avenue have a Rochester address despite being outside city limits. This is due to Monroe County's peculiar zip code system.

Located on Chili Avenue

19th Ward (City)

Chili Avenue has its eastern starting point in the city's 19th Ward neighborhood as a continuation of West Main Street, which splits into both Chili and West Avenue near Genesee Street. A mix of businesses and homes (built mostly in the 1910s-30s; many still single-family), Chili Avenue is one of the principal commercial streets of the predominantly residential 19th Ward. Its character is urban and walkable, with many barbershops, beauty salons, corner stores, and small restaurants. Thurston Road, which Chili intersects with, is another commercial hotspot.


Chili Avenue enters the inner-ring suburb of Gates once it crosses the Erie Canal and I-390. Intersects with Brooks Avenue, Route 204, and the Airport Expressway.


Chili Avenue enters Chili itself somewhere around Wegmans Market Street. The Chil-E Festival is held annually at the intersection of Chili Avenue and Paul Road. Intersects with Union Street.


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