Russell's Ice Cream

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2385 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624 [Directions]
Open year-round, hours vary by season
585 247 7146

Russell's Ice Cream on Chili Avenue sells generally good ice cream, some "lite" variants, and both hard & soft varieties.


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2007-11-16 16:52:36   I love Russell's! We came here all the time when I was growing up. They used to have really unusual flavours of sherbet like watermelon and root beer. I haven't seen those in a while, but I still like to go at least once a summer. —AutumnHaag

2010-04-02 00:38:02   What a great place to get ice cream. —DavidRussell

2010-05-23 19:44:40   We went to Russell's tonight to get an ice cream. The line of about 5 people in front of us took 20 minutes. I have never been treated so rudely by any workers ever! I really don't need a bunch of teenage girls being rude and making nasty comments to each other and other customers. They charged $5.25 for a hot fudge sundae, since a sundae does not include whipped cream, cherry, sprinkles or any other normal sundae topping (just ice cream and chocolate sauce). Even McDonald's $1 sundae comes with whipped cream and nuts on it, and honestly tastes much better. We will NEVER go back again! Not to mention the workers don't wear gloves and were dipping their long fingernails in the sundaes. EWWW. —JuliaSmith

2010-09-23 13:08:56   To JuliaSmith... First, lines can be long anywhere. There could be one car in front of you in a drive thru and take half an hour. So that is not entirely the worker's fault but also the people in line ahead of you.

Russell's has been around for years and is a great local place for ice cream!

2010-09-23 15:12:22   Anonymous, your comment made me believe JuliaSmith's comment more and also made it less likely I would visit that place. —BadFish

2010-12-08 20:49:07   anonymous, you are absolutly right. none of the girls there would be rude unless you deserved it there are quite a few rude people that come through russells believe it or not. the workers are vvery happy girls and love to deal with customers if there not rude and hateful it puts them into a bad mood too. they dont just love to be little brats an they dont need customers complaining about prices that they have no control over. excatly why would you get charged the same price for a sundae with 10 toppings than with a sundae with one? and as for putting their finger in your ice cream ? why the heck would they just stick there fingers in your icecream to get a taste ? no they get to eat their own ice cream believe me they wouldnt want yours and yes if you saw that you surly should have asked for a new one cause it surly was an accident and badfish you are probably one of the people who would get a attitude from the workers because there is no reason why anonymous's comment should make you belive julia more. how ignorant can people be. and when you go to an icecream shop in the summer do you expect no lines? its like going to a amusment park and expecting no lines? or maybe the girl you got was new. why dont you try giving people a break the world does not revolve around you. —marciee

2012-06-28 21:43:33   We have been patrons of Russell's since it it first opened in Chili. They are always polite, swift, and the ice cream is great! They made an excellent malted ice cream cake for our son and they are very willing to create a new idea! —sunfish

2014-04-14 12:07:54   iv been going to Russell's for 5 years all the girls are very pleasant and nice and i'm guessing anonymous is correct they are only rude if you deserve it i have been behind people in like that ask for a medium with rainbow sprinkles and the girls come back and then the person says they wanted chocolate sprinkles so understandably that would frustrate me as well especially if there was a long line and you have had 5 mins to decide what you want. the ice cream there is delicious and the girls are sweethearts —mizzychips

2014-04-24 19:43:57   went here a few weeks ago. solid ice cream and for the price I can not complain. will go here again next time i am around the area —bonnev659

2015-12-22 18:41:24   I go to Russell's all the time. Only bad experience I've ever had is because of other customers in front of me being a pain and making unreasonable requests and complaining because they think the world revolves around them. It's freaking ice cream, get over it! I've been in the restaurant biz myself for over 10 years and I've seen all sorts of people come through the door. Unfortunately you can't please everyone,but there are "those people" the ones that just complain to complain. And it sounds like Julia, you are one of those people. And the prices are definitely more than reasonable. —TheBiz