Route 33A

Route 33A is an east-west road on the West side of Monroe County that is an alternate to Route 33
West: Route 33 south of Bergen near I-490
East: West Main Street in Rochester where it rejoins Route 33

Route 33A is relatively short and unlike Route 33, it intersects with I-490 and I-390 only once each. It exists as Chili Riga Center Road as it passes through Riga, then becoming Chili Avenue at West Chili. Despite its heavily residential nature, it is a 4 lane road for much of length. For short distances it also carries Route 204 and Route 386.

The segment in Chili near Paul Road is heavily commercial, including an upscale Wegmans. However, it quickly becomes residential again after passing Paul Road. Around Howard Road and Brooks Avenue, it once again becomes commercial, with a large Wal-Mart. Past Westgate Plaza it is once again a residential road.

Business picks up again as it passes exit 19 on I-390, but becomes residential again immediately afterward, with only a few scattered businesses until it meets Thurston Road. Thereafter, the north side of the street is heavily residential, while the south side is largely small business.

Major Intersections include:

For detailed business and community listings see the separate listings for each of the individual streets noted above.