Route 33


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NY State Route 33 is an east-west road that connects downtown Buffalo to downtown Rochester
Route 33 starts in downtown Buffalo and heads east past the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, eventually working its way through Batavia. East of Batavia, 33 crosses over the Thruway. South of Bergen, it forks with Route 33A at exit 2 on I-490. Now identified as Buffalo Road, it passes through Churchville and North Chili, intersecting with I-490 again and Route 386 in Gates. Entering Rochester, it forms a traffic circle with Mt. Read Boulevard, makes a couple sharp turns and becomes West Avenue. Merging with Chili Avenue (aka Route 33A), the two roads form West Main Street. Route 33 terminates at Broad Street (Route 31).

Route 33 is most commonly known by its local names in the Rochester metro area: Buffalo Road and West Main Street. Business and neighborhood listings are shown on the listings for those streets.

West of Rochester Route 33 intersects with Route 5, Route 63 and Route 98 in Batavia.

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