Buffalo Road

Extending from Rochester's west side deep into the southwestern suburbs
Northeast - West Avenue in Rochester
Southwest - Clinton Street Road/Chili Riga Center Road in Bergen
Approx. 13.5 miles

Buffalo Road is a very long route that forms a portion of Route 33. It has its eastern beginnings in Rochester's southwestern U.N.I.T. Neighborhood and extends all the way into the Village of Bergen. Along the way, it passes through the towns and suburbs of Gates, North Chili, Riga, and the Village of Churchville. It was first developed in 1811.

Although Buffalo Road in the city is industrial in character, it gradually becomes more rural as you get further away from Rochester. The Gates portion is very inner-ring suburban but becomes more sprawl-like as you continue out. The rest is either small town, farmland, or lined with a few scattered residences.

Located on Buffalo Road

Traveling east-west.

City of Rochester

Major intersections are West Avenue and Mt. Read Boulevard. The Erie Canal marks the border between the city and Gates.


Major intersections are I-390, Howard Road, I-490, Rochester Technology Park, Whittier Road, and Stony Point Road. Enters Chili at Westside Drive.

North Chili

Roberts Wesleyan College is bordered by Buffalo Road, Orchard Street, and Westside Drive. Buffalo Road enters Riga slightly north of Scottsville-Chili Road.

Riga, Bergen, and Churchville

Washington Street marks the northeastern boundary of the Village of Churchville. Note that while in Churchville, Buffalo Road is split into East and West Buffalo Street, with the numbering system starting over again. Its original sequence resumes outside the village.

Other major intersections are Bromley Road, Beaver Road, Stottle Road, and Main Street in Churchville. The Newman Riga Library is on the corner of W. Buffalo and Main Street.


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