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2967 Buffalo Road, Gates, NY 14624 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2010 per Website)
Monday - Thursday: 4:00PM to 9:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 4:30PM to 10:00PM
585 426 0510 / 585 426-0208
<agatinas AT frontier DOT com>
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Agatina's is an Italian restaurant on Buffalo Road. Opened in 1984. Private luncheons, catering, and gift certificates are available. The full menus are posted on the website.


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A tremendously large menu with relatively affordable dinners and friendly service! -RochesterMom

2007-04-11 10:46:38   Nice, informal little Italian restaurant. As an East-sider, I rarely venture into Gates, but was persuaded to by some of my west-side friends. The menu was huge, and I was interested enough to try escargot for the first time - not bad! The wine list was a little smaller than I would expect at an Italian restaurant, but it was adequate. My chicken and shrimp dish was nicely done. I got it with a side of homemade linguine which was a good decision - I adore fresh pasta. My companion was not excited by her eggplant vincenzo, but her homemade gnocchi was chewy and tasty (I kept spearing pieces of it throughout the meal). —EastSideStephen

2007-04-11 15:49:23   we went last week for dinner and it was great... i had the ravioli, he had the fra diavolo (hot red sauce) and loved it! —JcPop

2007-06-05 19:28:37   I would kill someone for their Shrimp Fra Diavolo right now. This is the best Italian restaurant in Rochester. —GerKev

2008-05-06 15:55:46   A Rochester staple! Agatinas has some of the best Italian food in this country. Always delicious. —MrRochester

2008-10-08 20:15:47   We love Agatina's and can't make a visit without an order of gnocchi with garlic and olive oil. We ate there so often we sort of burned out on it but it's been long enough now that we can safely go back. I am looking forward to some calamari, which I have found to be the best around. —ShawnaLusk

2008-10-26 16:27:00   We hadn't eaten here in a long time but I remembered it as having great Italian Food. I have to say that my meal was OK but not great. There are now several Italian Restaurants I prefer over Agatina's. I may be a minority view since the place was packed. Portions are large and prices are reasonable. —FGeorge

2009-01-31 15:46:10   My fiance and I just ate here last night (my 2nd go-round and her first). The food is outstanding and we will be making return visits. We have a new favorite Italian place! —BatGuano

2009-04-25 15:02:53   went there last night. i have heard for years that its one of the best in Rochester for Italian. The appetizers and salad were great. We ordered calamari and it was cooked perfectly. However, both entrees were sub par. I got Veal Marinara and my wife ordered a scallop and crab dish. The veal tasted like it was not fresh and the crab was imitation. Take about 25% off the prices and it might be worth it. The veal was submerged in the marinara and i told my wife if i wasn't careful my yellow shirt would get it; 10 seconds later that's what happened. It was not better than a place like Olive Garden (about the same), and i'd say it wasn't as good as Macaroni Grill. The Portobello Ristorante which i think closed or changed owners is still probably the best Italian place i've eaten at in Rochester. Also loses marks for not having Risotto. —IsmaelByrd

2009-10-30 00:49:44   I had heard great reviews for this place, and tried it out a few weeks ago w/ a friend. One thing I will say is the staff is really, really nice. Food not so great. Garlic bread burnt, eggplant rubbery and the marinara sauce looks and tastes like they heated up canned tomatoes and threw it in the pasta. The server knew I wasn't happy cause I didn't eat too much of my food, and offered to exchange, but I hate sending food back. —beetlebetty