Southwest Quadrant


The Southwest Quadrant refers to the southwest portion of the City of Rochester. In 1994 it was officially designated Sector 4 as a part of the City's Neighbors Building Neighborhoods (NBN) process to create 10 "Sectors" for community-based planning. People often confuse Sector 4 with the 19th Ward, which is somewhat understandable, as the 19th Ward covers two-thirds of the area. An easy way to tell the difference is that everything in Sector 4 west of Genesee Street is the 19th Ward.

Long considered a blighted, troubled area, many parts of the Southwest Quadrant are now active sites of revival. In 2008 Advantage Federal Credit Union, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, the University of Rochester and the city government announced a [WWW]joint funding initiative (PDF) offering up to $9,000 towards down payment and closing costs for UR employees who buy homes in Plymouth-Exchange and the 19th Ward for owner occupancy. As most homes in the area are under $90,000, this is a sizable aid package. Both neighborhoods are easily connected to the UR River Campus via two footbridges across the Genesee River. This has led to extensive construction at Brooks Landing, a small area on the border between the two neighborhoods, as well as great student interest in off-campus housing across the river.

UR's involvement in the area extends to Upper Mount Hope as well, with the longtime presence of the Medical Center. The recent construction of College Town has put the neighborhood on the map as a hotspot for development.

Southwest Neighborhoods

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Notable streets located at least partially in the Southwest Quadrant.

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