Troup Street

Southwest Quadrant, near West Main and downtown
Boundaries - East
East - South Fitzhugh Street
West - South Plymouth
Boundaries - West
East - South Washington Street
West - Lamberton Park
Length - East
Approx. 1 mile
Length - West
Approx. 1 mile

Troup Street was once a single street running east-west from its intersection with West Main (via Lamberton Park) to the outskirts of downtown. It was broken up by the construction of the Inner Loop, however, and is now two disjointed fragments. The western half is mostly in Changing of the Scenes. The other side is entirely in Corn Hill. Despite being only a grand total of two miles long, the landscape changes dramatically as you travel from one end to the other. Although Troup Street as a whole is lined with old homes, east of the park it is one of Corn Hill's most beautifully restored lanes. To the west, however, Troup Street is largely run-down.

Major intersections are Jefferson Avenue, Ford Street, Clarissa Street, and South Plymouth. Where Troup Street turns into South Fitzhugh takes you to Exchange Boulevard.

The Troup Street Park is a major landmark. DePaul Addiction Services and the [WWW]Catholic Family Center have facilities at 139 and 55 Troup, respectively. The Flying Squirrel Community Space is around the corner on Clarissa.


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