Fitzhugh Street

Two pieces in Corn Hill and downtown
Boundaries - Downtown
North - Allen Street
South - Dead-ends at [WWW]Monroe County Family Court
Boundaries - Corn Hill
North - Exchange Boulevard
South - Clarissa Street
Length - Downtown
0.3 miles
Length - Corn Hill
0.5 miles

Fitzhugh Street is an old route that is divided in two ways: between North and South Fitzhugh Street, and in two disconnected fragments chopped up by the Inner Loop. One part is in downtown's Four Corners neighborhood and the other is in Corn Hill. To make matters even more confusing, the two divisions do not correspond: the downtown portion is both North and South. This article refers to "Fitzhugh Street" as a whole.

Fitzhugh Street is known for its rich heritage. It passes through two historic districts and boasts some impressive architecture.

Located on Fitzhugh Street

Traveling south.


Fitzhugh Street in Four Corners is dominated by the City Hall Historic District to the south and Downtown United Presbyterian Church and City Hall (on the corner of North Fitzhugh and Church Street) to the north. Intersects with West Main Street and West Broad Street.

Corn Hill

South Fitzhugh in Corn Hill is primarily residential and is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Rochester. It is part of the Third Ward Historic District. South Plymouth Avenue is a notable intersection.



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