City Hall

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30 Church Street, Rochester NY [Directions]
Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:00 PM
Other times for public meetings and events
(585) 428-5990

General Info
City Hall is the seat of government for the City of Rochester. It is located in the Four Corners section of downtown at the corner of Fitzhugh Street and Church Street.

It is home to the Mayor, City Council, the City Clerk and many departments of city government. Here you will also find our FOIL office. Many official public meetings and events are held here. Because the City Clerk issues marriage licenses and is authorized by law to marry couples there are also many marriages held in the ornate atrium. The Link Gallery located in City Hall hosts periodic art exhibits and is open to the public at no cost.

City Hall Cafe is located in the basement and opens to the public at 9:00AM.

Old City Hall
The current City Hall is an old Federal building originally built in 1885. It was sold to the city and tastefully expanded and renovated about 1975. Additional restoration work on the historic building's facade has been done since then. Rochester's first City Hall is now known as Irving Place and is still standing.

Rochester City Hall Photo Lab

City Hall, Room 016A Phone: 585-428-6538 Fax: 585-428-7069 Hours: By appointment

The City Hall Photo Lab contains over 1,500 images of city events, places, and public works from the past 20 years, and over 150 images of Rochester's earlier history. The collection doesn't have regular hours, so to get access to the collection, you need to have a Records Access Application filed with the Bureau of Communications. If you want to use this nifty city resource, you can file a Access Application using the contact information above.

Zagster has a bike station outside.


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