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Council Office - City Hall, Room 301A
30 Church St, Rochester, NY 14614 [Directions]
585 428 7538
E-Mail address
<council AT cityofrochester DOT gov>
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The City Council is the nine member legislative body for the City of Rochester.

Rochester has a directly elected Mayor to administer the municipal government and a City Council to carry out the legislative function.

One of Council's main duties is the enactment of the City's annual budget. Council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending, whether for operations (e.g., salaries) or capital items such as major equipment purchases, street repairs, or other public improvements.

The regulation of land use, including the creation and amendment of zoning laws, is another significant Council responsibility."1

At-Large Councilmembers

Miguel Melendez.jpg

Miguel A. Meléndez, Jr., President
(585) 428-7538 (O)

Mitchell Gruber.jpg

Mitchell D. Gruber
(585) 428-7538 (O)

Willie Lightfoot.jpg

Willie J. Lightfoot
(585) 428-7538 (O)

Stanley Martin.jpg

Stanley Martin
(585) 428-7538 (O)

Kim Smith.jpg

Kim Smith
(585) 428-7538 (O)

District Councilmembers

LaShay Harris.jpg

LaShay D. Harris, South District
(585) 428-7538 (O)

Mary Lupien.jpg

Mary Lupien, East District, Vice President
(585) 428-7538 (O); (585) 406-4709 (C)

Michael Patterson.jpg

Michael A. Patterson, Northeast District
(585) 428-7538 (O); (585) 451-2024 (H)

Jose Peo.jpg

Jose Peo, Northwest District
585) 428-7538 (O)

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