Ford Street

Runs from Corn Hill to the South Wedge
North - West Main Street
South - Mt. Hope Avenue
Approx. 1 mile

Ford Street is a north-south route that winds through the Southwest Quadrant near downtown before crossing the Genesee River with the Ford Street Bridge and ending in the South Wedge. Other neighborhoods it traverses are Changing of the Scenes, Corn Hill, and Plymouth-Exchange.

Important intersections are Troup Street, Dr. Samuel McCree Way, and South Plymouth/Route 383. The latter is notable for the Ford St and South Plymouth Ave Traffic Roundabout. Ford Street also divides Exchange Street from Exchange Boulevard/Route 383.

Ford Street is lined primarily with subsidized housing (although most of it is new and actually attractive) and large complexes of various sorts. The Sully Branch Library is on the corner of Ford and Dr. Samuel McCree Way.


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