Jefferson Avenue

Southwest Quadrant: COTS and Genesee-Jefferson
North - Brown Street
South - South Plymouth Avenue
Approx. 1.2 miles

Jefferson Avenue is a mixed commercial-residential street that passes through three Rochester neighborhoods. Traveling south, it begins in Changing of the Scenes. South of Dr. Samuel McCree way it becomes one of the primary thoroughfares of Genesee-Jefferson. The last remaining block between Seward Street and South Plymouth is part of the Plymouth-Exchange neighborhood.

Other major intersections are West Main Street, Dr. Samuel McCree Way, and Columbia Avenue.

There are some interesting maps in the Rochester Public Library that show the old boundaries of the 19th Ward, which once included all of Jefferson Avenue south of the former Bronson Ave, now Dr Samuel McCree Way. The 19th Ward further extended all the way to the Genesee River. The northern portion of Jefferson was in the 11th Ward, which later became Mayors Heights and is now COTS.

Not to be confused with Jefferson Avenue in Fairport or Jefferson Road in Henrietta.


Traveling south.



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