Thurston Village


100_2039.jpgStreet scene during the 2012 Ease Down on Thurston & Arnett neighborhood festival. (Photo by John Boutet).

A half-mile section of Thurston Road in the 19th Ward.
North - Ravenwood Avenue
South - Brooks Avenue
Neighborhood Association
19th Ward Community Association

Thurston Village is the name given to the Thurston Road commercial district in the 19th Ward. Residents and business owners wished to establish a distinct identity. Unlike Park or University Avenues, Thurston Village caters primarily to the people who live there rather than being a destination. Establishments here tend to be corner stores, barbershops, beauty salons, neighborhood bars, and small restaurants. The surrounding neighborhood is very diverse and boasts a broad range of incomes.

The Ease on Down Thurston Road festival was first held in 2011 and featured food, music, prizes, and sidewalk sales.

Thurston Village began a locally-funded revitalization project in 2013. This included improvements to the streetscape, pedestrian infrastructure, lighting, signs, and gateway features. Numerous businesses also received grants to spruce up their storefronts

Hunt's True Value Hardware was a neighborhood institution for over a century.


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