19th Ward Community Association

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216 Thurston Road, Rochester NY, 14619 [Directions]
Hours (as of October 2007)
585 328 6571
<the19thward AT yahoo DOT com>

Founded in 1965, the 19th Ward Community Association is a registered not-for-profit organization that strives to maintain the residential atmosphere of Rochester's largest neighborhood. One of the oldest continuously active neighborhood groups in the country, it works closely with City Hall and the Monroe County legislature to focus the commercial and residential development efforts with an emphasis on maintaining the neighborhood's diverse range of socio-economic groups and residential urban atmosphere. The Association holds their annual Square Fair at Aberdeen Square Park each Spring and sponsors the Westside Farmers Market each Summer.

They also work closely with the local neighborhood service center, Sector 4's PACTAC, businesses and citizens. A newsletter, Update 19, is distributed to contributing members.

Membership is free and automatic for all residents of the 19th Ward. However, only contributing members may vote in board elections or receive the newsletter. With memberships as low as $8, it's pretty easy to join. You can also buy gear adorned with their motto and icon at [WWW]Cafe Press.

You can review their 2005 tax return at [WWW]Foundation Center.org (PDF).


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2007-01-11 01:00:54   How does one join? —AliceKimball

2007-01-11 20:33:20   Residents are automatically non-voting members. To get a vote, visit the membership section of their website or visit their office at 334 216 Thurston Rd. —DaveMahon