Hunt's True Value Hardware



Former Location
390 Thurston Rd, Rochester, NY 14619

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Hunt's was founded in 1914 by Isaac Hunt. It has always been on Thurston Road and run by the Hunt family. Alas, they closed in July 2015, citing a steady loss of sales over the preceding five years. This was attributed to the expanded hardware section of a nearby Wal-Mart.

There was an interested buyer, but this fell through due to lack of investors.



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2011-04-26 08:49:31   Hunts is a great local business and one of the anchors of the 19th Ward Community. I stopped by this morning to return an electrical fixture that had stopped working: instead of just replacing it, one of the Hunts took it apart, replaced the faulty component with a higher-quality one, and handed it back to me. On other visits, they've offered to look for obscure parts in their suppliers' catalogs, and been generally helpful and very knowledgeable.

I make a point of patronizing Hunts because they have a long history of community involvement, and have resisted the temptation to flee to a cheaper suburban location. There is off-street parking in the rear of the building, off of Anthony Street. —mcxl

2015-07-03 21:32:36   God, how I despise Wal-Mart. —EileenF