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Locations Phone
4265 Lake Road, Brockport NY, 14420 [Directions] 585 637 6510
4369 Buffalo Road, North Chili NY, 14514 [Directions] 585 594 3205
Hours (as of August 2008)
Daily: 10:00AM to Midnight

Family Video is a video rental chain with two locations in the Rochester area: on Lake Road in Brockport, and on the corner of Union Street and Buffalo Road in North Chili.


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2008-07-11 13:08:18   I've rented from Family Video a few times now, and have been pretty satisfied. They don't use a membership card (you just identify yourself by giving your phone number), which is more convenient.

One thing I have noticed though is that Blockbuster has a wider selection of older movies and stocks a higher quantity of new releases than Family Video, at least at the North Chili location. —AlexanderGartley