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2291 Buffalo Road, Gates, NY 14624 [Directions]
585 247 0042
Wheelchair Accessible
<202 AT cinemark DOT com>
[WWW]Cinemark Tinseltown - Gates

Tinseltown is a large multiplex movie theater located in Gates and owned by [WWW]Cinemark. As of July 2008, it is the only theater in the Greater Rochester Area which offers [WWW]IMAX screens. Several screens are capable of showing films in 'Real D 3D' format.

The first showing of each movie each day is discounted over Matinee prices. See website for current prices.

The building's distinctive style includes Art Deco Orgone Accumulators.


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2009-04-12 22:58:49   The actual business name is "Tinseltown USA" You may want to change this, for the sake of this page linking properly to other RocWiki pages. —DanM

2009-08-23 21:20:56   Does anyone know if this is IMAX or LIEMAX? [WWW]http://www.lfexaminer.com/20081016.htm

That Google Map that's online says it's "Real," but I've learned not to trust that. Anyone know for sure? —MikeSchneider

2009-08-24 06:21:39   The information on the map seems to match what I remember from being there but that was a long time ago, the Tinseltown screen is definitely larger than the small one in the article's illustration (going by the relationship that they show to a person). —DottieHoffmann

2012-05-22 01:10:20   Tinseltown's IMAX theater was converted to digital projectors in early 2011 after the "TRON: Legacy" run ended. It's in a weird situation of being a real IMAX theater that has been converted to "LieMAX". :( —NathanHenderson

2012-07-25 08:18:11   I saw a few movies here and its been good times. Two times 3d and a few times reg. I wish I know about the first showing price the first time I went. As I would have saved some money. For the times I been here, the staff was nice to me and haven't had any issues. —bonnev659

2012-08-24 08:58:21   Where else can you see a first run movie for $5??? Love the "first showing of the day" deal! —lizdee

2012-08-24 09:01:07   100% agree —bonnev659

2012-08-25 01:10:38   To follow up to my earlier comment regarding IMAX: Tinseltown's IMAX theater has been re-retrofitted to house both a real IMAX 70mm film projector AND an IMAX digital projector. The Dark Knight Returns has been showing for the past month or so in true film IMAX.

Combined with a full theater renovation & remodel and $5 first-showing-of-the-day matinees for regular (non-IMAX or 3D) movies every day, Tinseltown is once again my favorite multiplex theater in town. —nathanhenderson