Chili Liquor

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3210 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14624 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2011 per Website)
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM to 4:00PM
585 889 2660
<jlepore AT chililiquor DOT com>

Chili Liquor is a liquor store located on Chili Avenue, near Chili Paul Plaza in Chili.


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2007-12-22 17:48:56   Can you get a better selection packed into a small store? I think not! AND, they have Boru, Irish Vodka...I usually have to order that online but Chili has it! —RorisonMeadows

2008-02-14 19:33:44   I have been going here for years, great selection of wines and spirits as well as really nice gift packages during the holidays. I don't know if he is the owner, but the older man that is there is really quite helpful when you are looking for something, he really knows his stuff! —DeniseElliott

2008-08-02 20:08:55   I'm so glad this is our neighborhood liquor store- the selection is outstanding and the prices are better than anyplace else in town. I get wine I can't find anywhere else at great prices. —ShawnaLusk

2011-08-21 11:57:15   Nice selection and staff, a pleasure to go here. His prices are pretty good too.