Airport Expressway

Travels northwest-southeast, in Gates.
The Airport Expy runs from I-490 at its northern end to Chili Avenue at the southern end.

About Airport Expressway:

The Airport Expy is used as an exit off 490 to direct traffic towards the airport. To get to the airport from there, one would take the expressway to its end at Chili Avenue, go west to Brooks Avenue, and then follow Brooks to the airport. The expressway overlaps with Route 204.

Originally, the expressway was proposed to run from 490 all the way to 390, connecting each interstate with the airport. Since that proposal, Wegmans purchased the property and developed a distribution center in the pathway of the expressway. In 2006, the Route 204-Airport Expressway and Chili Avenue intersection has been modified on all sides, sealing the deal that no further expressway development will occur.