Grand Super Buffet

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Location Phone
1100 Jefferson Road, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions] 585 424 7188
1381 E Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14621 [Directions] 585 266 6030
Hours (as of October 2007)
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 11:00AM to 10:30PM
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Grand Super Buffet is a buffet-style Chinese restaurant with two locations, one in Henrietta Plaza on Jefferson Road in Henrietta, and the other on East Ridge Road in Irondequoit. They offer Chinese dishes, sushi, hibachi, American recipes, a salad bar, and an ice cream bar.


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2008-02-06 19:59:43   Great deal for the money. I tried it a few times, and each time I was sampling dishes that I haven't tried before. The variety is impressive. There is a hibachi grill, and a sushi section with a really nice choice of raw and non-raw pieces. It seems that the sushi chef really knows what he's doing nowadays, and the rice doesn't taste like it has just been defrosted. There is even some dim sum available. In my opinion, this is the best Chinese buffet in town. —RemekKocz

2008-04-11 14:45:05   This is just another Chinese buffet in my opinion. This is for sure the cleanest Chinese buffet in the area and the food always looks fresh. No complaints here, but my expectations are undoubtedly low for this type of venue. Not that you shouldn't expect quality, but like McgMatt said, "it's a Chinese buffet - what was I expecting?" —StephanieTodd

2008-04-12 14:00:58   I went for lunch on saturday to see how there dim sum was. I wasn't disappointed. They had about 10 different items; all were very good. I also tried the sushi. The variety of sushi and the sushi itself were about average. Nothing amazing. They also have all of the standard Chinese buffet items, which I didn't really bother with. They do offer some other iteresting items such as chicken feet, squid, and pig's foot. I tried all of these, and they were very good. —TomWise

2008-07-06 14:19:07   Went once and it was pretty good. Went again, and it was disappointing. The food was all cold, and there was more seafood and crap-o American food (like UNION rings) than things I would consider Chinese. Even the "Steak Pie" that was good last time was mushy this time around. Hopefully it was a fluke, but I might have a hard time convincing those that I was with to go back. —LincolnComet

2008-09-20 15:38:23   By far the best chinese buffet I've been too. If you go make sure it's on a Friday or Saturday night because their crab legs are AMAZING! Most buffets cook them for too long and they are watery and tasteless, but these taste like you're eating them at Red Lobster! No complaints about thier sushi either, they're no California Rollin' but they are pretty decent. Rave Review from this picky eater! —ArianaB.

2008-11-04 14:00:50   Biggest and best Chinese buffet in the area, but that's not saying much. They have the biggest selection of food and lots of variety. I have only tried the lunch specials. WARNING: They do charge for tea (unlike most buffets) and its $1.25. —Drogean

2008-11-08 17:58:57   Absolutely disgusting. My husband and I couldn't decide what we were hungry for so we thought we would give it a try since people praised the variety. The smell upon entering the front door should have been enough of a clue to turn around and leave. In my opinion, everything tasted like fish. This is by far the worst chinese either of us have ever had. Both are now sick to our stomachs. Needless to say, we will never be back. Panda Express at the mall would be a much better choice and that isn't saying much. —ShawnaLusk

2008-12-03 13:27:26   Fairly good. I've been there several times, like the food variety. But I have to say there is no good Chinese buffet and restaurants in Rochester. I would go to Toronto if I am craving for authenticate Chinese food. —Hua

2008-12-23 00:14:51   This place is the best chinese/asian food buffet in rochester. the variety is amazing with a range of food from dim sum and quality sushi to hibachi and american/chinese fusion dishes.. to stuff you wouldnt expect to find in a chinese buffet in america.. including... snails, frogs, shrimp with the heads attached (mmmmm), blue crab, and countless other items etc.

I really loved the steak pie... and tried to eat a little tiny bit of everything.. which leads me to the bad part of this review.. i felt like i got a little high off the variety of animals that i consumed.. i lost count at 19 living things.. all eaten in the time frame of about and hour and a half... i didnt get sick like food poisoning.. but i got extremely tired and sleepy and have not experienced a feeling like this since the first time i ate in China.

the dessert.. go straight for the banana custard with vanilla wafers. if you havent tried this.its the ugliest dessert at the bar.. and also the tastiest. anyone who says they didnt like the food here at all... simply likes the sugary, fried and wholly non authentic chinese food that you can find at "the Panda Express at the mall"

Adventurous eaters with an international palette will find the food fantastic but take it easy on quantities or you may end up feeling a little woozy. —wahili69

2009-01-27 16:55:44   Very wide, diverse selection of entrees, dim sum, etc. The more exotic items such as frog legs are what keep me coming back. —EvanPeacock

2010-01-19 12:38:43   Everything here is "delicious"! We really "enjoyed" our "lunch" and "didn't" vomit. The chicken wings had extra flavor from the feathers, the squid were like the cables of a suspension bridge, and the toothpaste-flavored ice cream was the perfect end to a perfect lunch. I know a lot of other commenters here say it's pretty good, but it's really not. Don't believe them. Please God, don't believe them. If you're the type of person who likes Ponderosa, you still won't like this place. It's that bad. How do you screw up jello? —BryanGanman

2010-08-28 16:50:52   I’ve eaten at this buffet with varying degrees of freqency over the course of two or three ownerships. It has always gone through an evolution of styles and quality – sometimes good, sometimes mediocre. I’m happy to report that during the past several months, something has gone very *right* with this restaurant – it has become one of my top choices for an excellent, very reasonable meal. I do not tend to go for the ‘typical Chinese restaurant fare’ when I go here, so I can’t comment from experience on the Sesame Chicken and such. However, I can tell you that there is a large variety of high quality, delicious items. Among my favorites: shrimp dumplings and meat dumplings (on the dim sum buffet); several varieties of sushi (with plenty of wasabi and ginger available); fresh calamari salad; salt and pepper squid; salt and pepper shrimp; stewed pig’s feet (wow!); clams with black bean sauce; tilapia; several varieties of shrimp – I could go on and on! There are a number of non-Asian dishes – the macaroni and cheese was surprisingly tasty, among the better I’ve had at any restaurant. I like their steak (flavored with Montreal spice, I believe, and cut into pieces), their salads, and their fruit. Loads of vegetable dishes, too. I hope that they can keep the quality up, because for my dining dollar, this may be the best value in the area. If you haven’t been there for a while, or if you’ve been dismayed by some of the other reviews on this site, you might want to give it a try again! —Statman

2014-12-13 21:17:42  

This place is revolting. The bathrooms were like bus station bathrooms, the food was cold and some selections were rancid. When I complained about the quality, and the fact that nobody in my party was able to eat more than a few bites, the owner told me I was wrong, and that the food was excellent. I offered to pay half the bill, and he refused. He ended up calling the cops on me, and it was pay the bill or get arrested. Please do yourself a favor, and go elsewhere. This is the lowest of the low. The owner should be embarrassed for having such a despicable establishment. —TRFERGUSON42