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MarketViewTitle.jpg Henrietta Plaza 10.jpgNW corner, Blockbuster to Radio Shack 2959476538_83ab0be828.jpg Henrietta Plaza 11.jpgSubway, Radio Shack,.. 2959533134_0908965514.jpgOffice Depot, Guitar Center, Marketview Liquour, Woodcrafters 2958654911_21b7a411af.jpg Tops.jpgTOPS - NE corner near I390

1100 Jefferson Road, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]

Henrietta Plaza is a strip mall located near the intersection of Jefferson Road and Interstate 390 in Henrietta, across Jefferson from the Doubletree Hotel.

Also located near the plaza:

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2007-02-07 14:15:15   I have heard this plaza referred to as "Tops Plaza" as well. —AlexanderGartley

2010-02-08 18:39:26   Added three vintage photos of the Henrietta Plaza from the late 1980's - 1990's. —Mike

2010-02-08 18:40:46   Does anyone have any photos of the Henrietta Plaza from the way it originally looked, between the years (1968 - 1985)? —Mike

2010-02-08 18:43:17   Does anyone remember who the original tenants of the Henrietta Plaza were? I don't recall the plaza back in the 1970's - early 1980's being as big as it is today. It seems like it only went down as far as where Big Lots is today. —Mike

2012-07-19 22:33:12   Verizon has moved and Dairy Queen is getting built. —bonnev659

2023-09-26 17:35:27   I worked at The Robin Hood Room in 1976-77. Which space is that now ? Any old photos from back then ? —mjohnny999