Joe's Brooklyn Pizza

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1100 Jefferson Road, Henrietta NY, 14623 [Directions]
6720 Pittsford-Palmyra Road, Fairport NY, 14450
1918 Monroe Avenue, Brighton NY, 14618
1778 Empire Boulevard, Webster NY, 14580
Hours (as of December 2021 per Website)
Monday - Saturday: 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Sunday: 12:00AM to 8:00PM
585 424 5637 - Henrietta
585 364 0361 - Fairport
585 244 7437 - Brighton
585 347 4050 - Webster
Wheelchair Accessible
Beer and wine
[WWW]2009-04-09 Rochester NY Pizza Blog

Joe's Brooklyn Pizza is located in Henrietta Plaza. They offer Brooklyn-style (thin crust) and Sicilian-style (thick crust and square) slices and pizzas, along with specialty pizzas, subs, calzones, and pasta. Delivery available every day but Sunday.

Opened in December 2008 and owned by the same family as Pizza Stop.

The second location opened in January 2015 in Perinton Square Mall.

A third location opened in August 2016 in Twelve Corners Plaza.

A fourth location opened on November 28, 2021 in Webster.


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2008-12-28 17:04:18   I had 2 slices of the Pepperoni pizza today. It is just as good as Pizza Stop. Now I have a pizzeria close to home that will satisfy my need and bring back childhood memories of NYC style pizza. Thank God! —ScottHendler

2008-12-31 16:21:43   If you know what real NYC pizza is then you will LOVE this place. It is the best in town. —RocDiner

2009-01-04 14:31:52   Finally some real NY pizza in Rochester. Joe's is excellent! —RachelLauren

2009-01-12 11:36:33   Tried to go on Sunday night and the place was closed at 8pm. Annoying. (Supposed to be open til 9) —MrRochester

2009-01-26 13:07:01   Same thing happened to us MrRochester, we took a gander at the hours when we were leaving Five Guys one night and looking for a good slice on that same Sunday evening around 8:30, we thought we were going to be in the clear before the 9 pm closing time - lights off and door locked - what gives? Maybe their hours are irregular until things really get moving, I hope this place does well. —StephanieTodd

2009-01-26 16:19:04   Website says "delivery service is available!" It is NOT, when I called. Do NOT trust the website. —MrRochester

2009-01-31 15:52:10   Went here for lunch today and I was disappointed with the scant slice selections. We ended up getting slices of garlic, pepperoni, and cheese (the only choices they had). They were all just as good as Pizza Stop, therefore, they were awesome. I noticed that one of the guys that worked at Pizza Stop over the summer was working the counter and he seemed kind of bummed out. He was always so animated when he was at Pizza Stop. For Henrietta's sake, I hope this place sticks around. It really is the best pizza going (although the Pizza Stop mothership will always be my favorite). —BatGuano

2009-02-02 11:47:41   Our first visit to Joe's brings mixed reviews. It was around 7 pm on Friday when we walked into the shop, there were a few people in line, all tables in the front of the store were sat and there were a total of about ten slices out for the picking between regular thin crust and Sicilian - disappointingly skimpy. My husband and I ordered our calzones and returned half an hour later to the shop to pick them up – we had to wait just a few more minutes after we returned. The calzone was really good; the crust was fresh and quite tasty with plenty of the extra fillings we ordered, the ricotta was a bit too watery for my taste, but it could just be the brand they use. The price was pretty good for the quality.

Here’s the other half of my review not concerning the food, but an otherwise important aspect to consider: As we stood awkwardly a few steps inside the door due to the crowd at the register when we returned to pick up our order, I noticed there was a table of two women and two children staring in disgust at the pizza they had just been served. One of the women walked over to the register and explained that the order wasn’t correct – apparently the pizza was supposed to be half and half of whatever toppings. The cashier looked instantly annoyed, the woman and he argued back and forth for a few minutes about how she didn’t explain the order properly, or he couldn’t hear behind the counter, or it was too loud – so without being able to review the original receipts because he was too busy, he refused to accept that he was at fault. He left the counter mid-order with another customer, walked over to the table where of the rest of the group was sitting along with the incorrect pizza, looked at the pizza and said, “You can’t eat this? It’s just tomato?! I don’t know what your problem is.” Look on the poor customer’s face was priceless, she and I, as well as some of the other customers seated nearby couldn’t believe our ears – naturally a situation that draws the attention of others in the vicinity. WHO SAYS THAT TO A PAYING CUSTOMER?! I thought this was terribly improper, rude, and a really good reason to not want to go back. I don’t know if I would patronize places that treat their customers like that regardless of my good experience on a personal level. I feel a little nosy, but it was hard to ignore when no effort was made to make it a private conversation. I don’t know how the ordeal ended because we left as soon as we could with our order, but the tables surrounding the two women were buzzing with hushed comments and gaping expressions. —StephanieTodd

2009-02-06 13:37:12   Finally got to try the pizza and it was delicious. Its greasy and thin just like NYC style pizza. While this is not my preferred style of pie, it was still very good. Now if they can just fix all the inaccuracies on the website... —MrRochester

2009-02-25 19:10:50   I was very happy with my visit. We decided to order the "Grandpa" and eat it there. The pizza was gigantic and really NYC-authentic. The sauce on top of the cheese and fresh herbs were brilliant. I'm not usually a fan of thin crust (Pepe's/Sally's in New Haven excepted) but this was excellent — probably one of the best pizza's I've had in Rochester. Joe's has a new fan now. —KevinKondo

2009-04-07 13:24:42   Well, I won't be eating at this pizza place again. I went at lunchtime and they were really badly organized (ignoring the line and taking orders haphazardly; when I did get my order in, my food was then given to someone else that had ordered after me). The sauce on the pizza was poorly mixed (no herbs in some places, way too much herbs in others) and there was very little pepperoni on the pizza. On top of that, my colleague's crust wasn't cooked properly (the dough was still slightly raw). When he mentioned this they shouted at him to get out ("We don't undercook pizza") and refused to give him his money back. —teuchy

2009-05-20 19:43:01   I know for a fact that the people who own pizza stop and joes brooklyn are brothers. Joes brooklyn was also pizza stop in midtowmalln they changed their name after the move.. BEST PIZZA IN ROCHESTER FRIENDLY STAFF AND CUTE LITTLE STORE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ —iwantamassagebynikki

2009-05-26 11:27:17   I ate at Joe's last week and had the BEST brooklyn style Pizza in Rochester. The satff was kind and cordale, especially to my three childen and myself. I ate the best spinach artichoke pizza I have ever had. The kids loved the picking out of the slices that they each wanted. I don't know what these otrher comments are about...but I had the best pizza in town as well as a great dine in experience. Thanks Joe !! —ashley86

2009-06-11 11:38:27   Real NY-style pizza, nuff said. —ErikReinert

2009-06-26 15:49:23   Hands down, best pizza in Rochester. I'm from Long Island and have worked in the pizza industry. I am often chastised for being a pizza snob. This pizza is great. The crust is perfect, thin and crispy. The end crust is crispy on the outside chewy in the middle. You can fold it! The toppings are fresh, the cheese is very elastic. The sauce could probably be a little sweeter, but that's me talking, and I like sweet. Totally worth the ride to Henrietta. —JenLu

2009-06-28 16:53:22   The pizza here is fantastic - it's absolutely amazing if you have it fresh out of the oven in the store itself, but still great if you bring it home - three minutes on a pizza stone at 450° will crisp it up nicely.

2009-09-25 14:16:04   Pizza Stop is much better. Better crust, sauce, and cheese. Not sure why that is. Been 3 times and so far unimpressed —jmw2323

2009-09-25 21:02:58   I also think Pizza Stop is better. Why would that be if it is in the same family? Even the midtown place had tastier slices. —ThomasPawlik

2009-11-09 14:56:18   I thought it was good, but not great. The crust is awesome. The sauce is tasty. The cheese is plentiful. But what keeps this from being great pizza is that it's way too greasy. —NickCassaro

2009-12-23 17:57:50   Great Pizza! I find if I order a whole pie it tastes better then the slices they have on display. —Chef

2010-01-05 19:10:18   I am a very selective Rochesterian and I know my pizza. Most Rochester pizza tends to verge on thick-crusted and not necessarily bland but definitely not spicy or varied in terms of flavors. BOTTOM LINE - Joe's Brooklyn has the BEST pizza I have ever found in Rochester thus far. Here's why: Fresh, thin-crust, actual pieces of garlic and shallot on the pizza (we ordered a Grandpa's), cheese and sauce level - just right.

Toppings available in the store:
- Crushed red peppers
- Fresh grated romano (not just sprinkle cheese, FRESH-grated)
- Frank's Red Hot
- Garlic powder

I don't work there; I just know good pizza when I see it and I want to shout it from the rooftops. I have eaten pizza in Rome, Venice, and Florence, in Connecticut and New York City, and almost every other authentic outlet at which you can purchase pizza, and all I have to say is "Once you go Joe's..." —LisaJean

2010-01-09 19:45:55   First timer here tonight. We got a half-meat/half veggie (sis-in-law is vegetarian). Very good. Crust is a little thin for my taste but it earned a repeat performance. —PeteB

2010-02-09 18:04:49   Best sicilian in Rochester. Second in pies (IMO) to Little Venice. Really great stuff though. Also, if you go near closing time they'll offer 2 for 1 slices sometimes. —mbetush

2010-02-09 21:44:36   Good white pizza but the veggie pizza paled in comparison to Pizza Stop's version. —OneLove

2010-03-04 13:28:02   NOT WORTH THE WAIT TIME - take forever to make a simple pizza...obviously don't know what they are doing. Seriously - how long does it take to stretch the pizza dough and make a pizza - IF you are slow 5 mins, then cook for about 8-10 but you cant get a pizza from them in less than 30 mins. Maybe they should take a pizza 101 making class. —MartyJones

2010-03-21 20:03:58   FANTASTIC pizza! It's our go-to place for a slice or take-out. Always friendly service and we love the NY style thin crust. —Acarp

2010-07-13 16:55:39   I ordered a pizza, and it was done in 15 minutes flat, don't know what the poster above me was talking about. They obviously know how to make pizza, as this is the best pizza I've had in the 585 area.

Crust is perfect, cheese is great, and there are actually big flavors in the sauce. After having this pizza I can't eat any others. I've had the plain cheese, pepperoni, and onion / mushroom pizza, and to my surprise, the vegetable one was probably the best, obviously insanely fresh ingredients, something many pizza shops (cough salvatores cough) seem to overlook.

I can't believe I've lived out here for so many years and never knew about this place. It's a shame that the owners don't have more business sense, as this is some f&$#ing good pizza. —ChrisE

2010-08-05 14:16:36   I absolutely love this place. I'm so happy they opened. I moved up here in '97 and missed my Jersey pizza terribly. I've never been unhappy w/ a pie, nor have I ever been dissatisfied w/ the service. —morgdaug

2010-10-27 01:09:41   It's good, but IMO doesn't live up to Pizza Stop quality. —SargtGrumbles

2011-01-23 14:41:16   This is the only decent pizza in the Rochester Metro Area that I know of, and closest in taste, thinness, crispiness, and "oilage" to NYC pizza. Thanks, Joe! —StellaRegulus

2011-04-10 11:42:03   Authentic NYC style pizza - the only place in town we've found that serves it the way its supposed to be (thin NYC style crust, sauce). Absolutely delicious. The staff was extremely friendly, service was quick. —MarcusKroll

2011-05-27 15:37:37   Good pizza, one of a handful of places in Rochester that knows how to make pizza correctly. Others include Cam's and Pizza Stop. It is a very short list.

2012-03-10 09:04:21   Being originally from the NYC area, I can easily say this is the closest thing to real NYC pizza in town. Always fantastic. Will continue to go again and again for as long as I live here. Way better than any other local pizza joint for the same prices —AGoldman

2012-07-19 22:30:21   The Pizza is pretty good. I enjoy it very much. I don't think that Joe's doesn't offer subs and pasta as it is just pizza, calzones, and wings. I like the sauce which makes the pizza good in my mind. Also the place will delivery sometimes as I seen the guys get ready to drop off some pizza. —bonnev659

2012-08-11 21:43:54   It was late and Joe was not there working his pizza magic. Crust was great but the pie was way too heavy on the cheese. Of course it is only one pie of many that were consistently good. I hope Joe can make sure he passes on his skills to all the staff. —LikesFood

2012-08-30 12:59:08   Just dynamite pizza! Better probably for carryout as there's not a lot of seating. But amazing pizza! —bionicsimmons

2012-09-03 14:51:39   Returned a couple of weeks ago since some out of towners wanted to try it. The pizza was decent, but the service is still very awkward. The counter workers really need to smile and be friendlier - frowns and rudeness are not going to get me to come back. —SargtGrumbles

2013-07-07 22:20:17   Really enjoyed first time ordering from them. Was dissapointed they deliver any day BUT Sunday —peteb

2013-08-10 13:08:11   I've commented here before. Love the place, and I've also started to mix in some Sicilian slices which are also excellent. But I'm weighing in because I'm left scratching my head about the "rude" and "bad service" comments here. I'm not a regular and I don't get any hint they recognize me when I come in - but it's always really friendly service (usually during lunch when they can be crowded and rushed), and a couple times they'll catch my eye as I'm throwing my plate and napkins out and ask how everything was, and they ask like they mean it. —bionicsimmons

2013-11-27 10:34:41   To each their own with whether or not they like the pizza (I personally love it, though I've only had their individual slices), but I am also scratching my head with the negative comments about their service. Every single time I've gone there I have had great service. Much better than most pizza places. It's super fast, they're super nice... not sure why or how people have had such different experiences. —DE

2015-01-27 22:38:33   They're opening a second location in Fairport, in a space in Perinton Square Mall previously occupied by Papa Johns. Looks like it'll be opening soon. —MikePulcini