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Location MVLiquor.jpgMarketview Liquor 03-2008
1100 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2013 per Website)
Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: Noon to 6:00PM
585 427 2480
<customerservice AT marketviewliquor DOT com>

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Marketview Liquor is a large discount liquor store in Henrietta, near the 390 Jefferson Road exit in Henrietta Plaza. Marketview usually has wine company representatives hosting tastings on the weekends. The owner, Mike Palmieri, an older gentleman with a shaved head, is a bit of a Rochester character, since he stars in all of the Marketview commercials on television.

You can now shop online at Marketview Liquor. They can ship to most states (full list on the website). There is also a schedule of upcoming tastings on the website.


Marketview Liquor was voted "Best Liquor Store" in City Newspaper's 'Best of Rochester' awards for four consecutive years (from 2007 to 2010).1234


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2008-09-10 15:57:15   Hate the commercials. Seriously, what the heck does "fine wine for a song" mean? They have an okay selection, but seem to push certain wines to the max and minimize other, smaller vineyards. The staff are clueless about wine and couldn't give a recommendation or even point me in the right direction if I gave them a specific vineyard name. My friend bought a couple bottles with help from the dry vs sweet charts they have on some of the shelves, but she was disappointed. This store is also packed so tight that I felt like I had no room to move. They have a lot of wines there, but I would hardly call what they do have a "good" selection. —CatMagro

2009-07-03 23:36:40   I like Marketview for its large selection of local, Latin American, and Antipodean wines. I am also a huge fan of single malt scotch, and their selection is the best I've found in the area. —AdamFuller

2011-08-22 19:01:43   where the heck is Antipodea

2011-08-22 21:13:59   It's a fancy word for Australia and New Zealand. I buy local wines only. —DamianKumor

2011-12-22 12:58:48   Have not had the best experience here recently. Spent some time shopping for some obscure/less-purchased spirits on Halloween weekend to make some "old man drinks". Though the place was busy, there was plenty of help on the floor - just not the kind I found useful. I had three different people work with me, each telling me what I was looking for, instead of listening to what I was saying. One employee spent time at the computer, found the brand of Vermouth I was looking for, then didn't show me where it was, he just waved his hand - "vermouth is over there". In contrast, they sure did a bang-up job of hard-selling Absolut to someone looking for vodka.

They had what I needed, they just couldn't provide the help to find it. I went to Marketview specifically because of their large selection. The gist of my review is that any liquor store can provide their customers with highly-marketed name-brand spirits, even the sketchy place down the street from my house can do that. But if you carry imported and/or less popular spirits, especially with the size of the inventory that Marketview has, your staff shouldn't act put out when someone tries to find it, which they did.

2012-10-26 08:41:01   The commercials are cheesy, but I've always had decent service and the prices are fair. —JohnHambers

2013-06-01 16:11:29   they are rude. if you ask them where something is they would iust answer you and they won't even look at you. they put liquor over 50 bucks in cases in alarms. rude what are we theifs. I don't recemend that place. expensive. —simontea

2013-06-01 16:13:43   bad place to shop. really an old man in comercials. how much can he drink. he's even the boss. -worker at your place —simontea

2015-12-02 13:40:07   I used to work at Marketview, but haven't been there in over a year since I work at another store now. The place is huge, has a huge selection and low prices. As far as the service goes, it may depend on a few things. As someone who used to work there, I can tell you that as a worker you have to find a balance between stocking, helping customers and educating customers when it's busy. The place can be a zoo in the holidays. Most of the workers have an expertise at a certain section, hopefully those people are working those sections when you are in there. They have "wine guys". A few wine experts that patrol certain wine sections. These guys are the best. Go to them if you need detailed help. —DE