Panera Bread

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1501 Howard Road, Chili, NY 14624 [Directions] Airport area off Chili Avenue 426 4020
16 Courtney Drive, Fairport, NY 14450 [Directions] Courtney Drive 425 0527
2373 W Ridge Rd, Greece, NY 14626 [Directions] Greece Ridge Mall 453 9640
795 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623 Minotti Crossings Plaza 272 7410
935 Holt Rd, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions] Towne Center Webster 872 5470
1902 Monroe Avenue, Brighton, NY 14618 Twelve Corners Plaza 442 2060
2152 Fairport Nine Mile Road, Penfield, NY 14526 Fairport Nine Mile Road 421 6016
7651 RTE 96, Victor, NY 14564 RTE 96 869 2963
1015 East Ridge Road, Irondequoit, NY 14621 East Ridge Road 613 3974
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Yes - All locations
Varies by location
[wikipedia]Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a national chain bakery and fast casual cafe with seven locations in the Rochester suburbs.

Panera features fresh-baked pastries and bread, soups, salads and sandwiches. Beverages include iced and hot espresso drinks, chai, green tea, fresh lemonade and of course soft drinks. All area locations have free wireless Internet.


PaneraBreadWebster800.jpgTowne Center Webster by BradMandellpanerabreadpanorama.jpgPanorama Plaza by BradMandell


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2008-01-07 01:28:36   Panera is getting rid of Crispani's within the next week or so. Only the Henrietta and Webster stores will have them most likely until
supplies run out. —SarahFarmer

2008-05-07 08:32:15   I'm stopping into town to see the mom for mother's day and need a free wire-less place to work on Friday (5/9). Wondering if the Monroe Ave (12 corners) or Penfield Rd locations have reliable and decent speed connections. Since I'll be there all day, are there enough outlets?

Thanks! —CherStanley

2008-12-07 21:37:13   Side note; a few years ago when I was an undergrad in Trenton,NJ, myself and two friends were eating at a Panera Bread at closing time. This particular one had a policy of dumping bread Tuesday nights. There must have been 3 garbage bags full of loaves. I stopped him before it actually went out the door. I was hard pressed to find enough people to take the loaves from one of those bags before it spoiled. Happy Hunting. —Abruzzo2

2009-04-11 22:59:16   Two posts in one day bitching about fat in food but look at their website nutrition info before you convince yourself you are doing better here than at McDs or Wendys. Yeah, it tastes good but can't anyone make anything quick or decent that isn't the equivalent of a full day's fat and calories? —karlos

2010-06-21 11:31:47   I know it's hip to hate chain restaurants, and I want to be different like all the other different people, but I have to say that Panera is a solid choice for a quick, inexpensive meal in Fairport. Most food is merely average, but tastier and (a little bit) healthier than other fast food, assembly line restaurants. However, the jalapeno cheddar with ham breakfast sandwich is my absolute favorite "on the go" breakfast. —ChristineH

2010-11-12 15:01:02   Love the food. Hate the "Panerians" - the people who inhabit these places, no matter what the location. Each Panera will have at least three seemingly homeless people who have no qualms occupying a table for four hours while they sip their water and take advantage of the free WiFi. Also plenty of stay-at-home moms out en masse, usually with their SUV-sized strollers, obliviously taking up space during the lunch rush. Ladies, ever hear of McDonald's for your purposes? Food is consistently good, menu selections plentiful, service prompt. But it's odd how the clientele in every Panera I've been do seems to break down as listed here. —bionicsimmons

2010-11-13 08:41:22   I tend to avoid places like Panera because they are just another chain that loads the salt on everything, however, the times I have eaten there haven't been atrocious. The main thing that bothers me about this place is that their earthy, grainy, faraway-land "inspired" dishes (which you would never find in said faraway land) are no more nutritious or healthy than an Angry Whopper Quad-Stacker. —BatGuano

2012-02-23 15:09:22   Its almost comical how often the Perinton Panera screws up large take-out orders. Its almost like the ppl filling the orders don't bother looking at the order placed at the drive-thru. If it repeatedly happens to me, I can only assume its happening to others as well. —TippingPoint

2013-04-12 18:35:13   Their in-house Wifi is phenomenally slow and it's always packed but we enjoy the Henrietta location. —peteb

2015-10-04 16:14:58   The Greece location has closed and was rebuilt as a standalone restaurant with a drive-thru. Sounds like a nice upgrade right? Nope. The service has become phenomenally slow, the seating area is more crammed, if not smaller, and of course traffic now backs up a narrow access road. Not impressed. The other day I went there and a meal that ordinarily took no more than 5 minutes to prepare now had me waiting for over 35 minutes. No doubt this was due to the small kitchen attempting to service both cars and the people inside. Even though it wasn't particularly busy at all. Panera ain't fast food, folks. They're not going to have endless meals prepared at the drop of a dime. It's quite a ridiculous concept that has backfired. —sub619

2016-03-25 08:15:43   I may be a total locavore, but damn this place is good. —EileenF