Driving Park Avenue

Crosses the Genesee River into the NW Quadrant
West - Mt. Read Boulevard
East - Carthage Drive
Approx. 1.6 miles

Driving Park Avenue is an east-west route that starts off as Avenue E in Group 14621. It turns into Driving Park at Carthage Drive and then crosses the Genesee River via the Driving Park Bridge. Between the river and the railroad tracks it forms the border between the Maplewood and Edgerton neighborhoods. After that it is Maplewood entirely.

The east end of Driving Park runs along Maplewood Park and intersects with the Genesee River Trail. The Maplewood Rose Festival is held here, while the bridge offers some spectacular views of the Lower Falls. As you continue west, it becomes a generally working-class residential street with some commercial activity at the intersections with Lake Avenue and Dewey Avenue. West of the tracks it is strictly industrial.

Not to be confused with Park Avenue.

Located on Driving Park Avenue

Traveling west.

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