Dewey Avenue


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Northwest Rochester and into Greece
North - Edgemere Drive
South - Driving Park Avenue
Approx 5.3 miles

Dewey Avenue is road that runs north/south and ranges from two to four lanes. The south end is in the city at Lyell Avenue and the north is at Edgemere Drive, next to Lake Ontario (see [WWW]map on Google]. The portion of Dewey from Latta Road to Ridge Road West is also marked as part of Route 18.

For Cyclists

The Maplewood portion of Dewey Avenue has bike lanes. This makes it a great alternative to busy, narrow Lake Avenue, which is dangerous for bicycles. To avoid Lake, take St. Paul Street from downtown to Driving Park Avenue Bridge and cross over to Dewey Avenue. This part runs parallel to Lake Avenue and is connected to it by many small side streets.

Located on Dewey Avenue

Traveling north from Rochester into Greece.

City of Rochester

Dewey Avenue is the major thoroughfare of several city neighborhoods. From Lyell Avenue north to Emerson Street it forms the border between Lyell-Otis and Edgerton, then becomes Edgerton entirely. It enters Maplewood at Driving Park Avenue. From slightly north of Winchester Street to Banker Place, it forms the border between Maplewood and Charlotte. Maplewood also has a sub-neighborhood called Dewey-Bernice, of which Dewey is the eastern border.

Dewey Avenue in the city is a dense, urban, mixed commercial-residential route. It is not one of Rochester's best streets, however, although the Maplewood/Charlotte portions are generally decent. Here you will find many small businesses and, in Maplewood, intersections with some truly gorgeous residential streets. Edgerton and Lyell-Otis, however, are both part of the Crescent of Poverty.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery backs up to Dewey.

Major intersections are Lyell Avenue, Emerson Street, Lexington Avenue, Driving Park Avenue, Seneca Parkway, Ridgeway Avenue, and Ridge Road West.


Dewey Avenue enters the Town of Greece at Eastland Road and Studley Street. The boundaries between Greece and the city here are rather peculiar: rather than a simple north-south line, there is an outcropping jutting into Greece that is actually part of the city. It bordered by McCall Road to the south and to the west by Duffern Drive north to Eastland Road, where it suddenly cuts diagonally back down to Dewey.

Dewey Avenue in Greece is mix of single-family suburban homes and numerous strip malls and national chains.

Major intersections in Greece are Stone Road, Route 249, Britton Road, English Road, Denise Road, Latta Road, Lake Ontario State Parkway/Seaway Trail, and Ling Road. Near Round Pond and Round Pond Creek, Dewey abruptly turns east and continues north to Edgemere Drive. Continuing east, however, the road turns into Beach Avenue.

See also: Dewstone Plaza


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