Dynamic Recording

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2844-46 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, NY 14616 [Directions]
585 621 6270

Dynamic Recording is a professional recording studio that has been in business for 48 years. Located on Rochester, New York.

Studio is primarily Analog based, with a Trident 88 console. Main recording room is wood-lined and has a Steinway Grand Piano and a Hammond Organ with Leslie Speaker.

We are the closest you can get to Analog Tape
Our Trident 88 All Analog Control Board
8 Channels of ART Tube Pre Amps that can be inserted on any channel
16 Channels of ART Tube Compressors that can be inserted on any channel
All 32 outputs of the Trident go to ART Tube Analog to Digital converters
The 8 Trident Group Outputs go to a Presonus Quantum

Special Notes
All Indie Radio Station - [WWW]http://wdyn.net
Rates and Services https://www.dynamicrecording.com/services.html
Contact https://dynrec.com/contact01.html
Tour Our Studio https://dynrec.com/studio.html


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