Dewstone Plaza


579 Stone Rd., Rochester, NY 14616
Small mall on Stone Rd. at the corner of Dewey Ave.
Owned by Flaum Management


Dewstone Plaza is a strip mall in Greece on Stone Road at the intersection with Dewey Avenue. It was originally called the Dewstone Shopping Center when it was built by the Emil Muller Construction Company and opened January 16, 1948. Its original stores were The Hat Box, The Milky Way (candy, ice cream), The Launderette, Hyre Shoe Store, Belle's Yarn Shop, The Cake Box, Inc. (bakery), Clark's Men's Shop (haberdashery), Ethel Haynes Beauty Salon, Cliff Hardware & Heating, Inc., and Lyndr's Fashionable Apparel.1

There is a reference to the Dewstone Shopping Center in an ad for PK's Italian Kitchen (a.k.a. Pizza Kitchens) in the September 29, 1977 issue of the Monroe Doctrine in the October, 27, 1978 issue of RIT's Reporter Magazine. It apparently had one of its locations there.

Retail Stores

Food and Beverage



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