Peppermill Restaurant

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Peppermill Rest 20100428.jpgPeppermill Faces NorthWest, April 2010

1776 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, NY 14615-2908 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2010)
7 Days a week, early AM to 9:00PM+
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585 621 4527
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Peppermill Restaurant is a family style diner or restaurant with some Greek food, serving breakfast, lunches and dinners. They have a small counter section and a large area with booth seating.

Peppermill is located in the Maplewood Neighborhood at the southeast corner of the intersection of Dewey Avenue and West Ridge Road with a large 2-section parking lot and 3 driveway entrances on Dewey Avenue, 1 entrance on Ridge Road.

Bus Routes 10, 14 and 15 stop at the Intersection.

Peppermill used to be open 24 hours a day until a few years ago, but there were fewer overnight customers after nearby Kodak downsized.


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2010-04-24 20:52:47   My absolute favorite breakfast place in town! Great service and delicious food! I eat there at least twice a week and bring out of town guests for a treat! Thanks Peppermill for being an awesome place to eat.. —robjacobs

2010-04-25 10:52:44   They have the best Lemon Chicken Soup that I have ever tasted! —BarbaraAstorgaSchmidt

2011-03-18 11:35:12   We have breakfast at the Peppermill probably once a week with our little kids, and it's always excellent service and quality. Recently took the family out there for dinner too, on a Friday night, trying to avoid the hysteria that is people trying to get into the chains, and get a seat right away, and actually ordered a fish fry - something I hadn't had in years - and it was excellent! I highly recommend the Peppermill. —DavidGottfried