Lexington Avenue

Northwest Quadrant of the City of Rochester
East - Lake Avenue
West - I-390
Approx. 2.6 miles

Lexington Avenue is one of the major east-west routes of the city's northwest. From Lake Avenue to the railroad tracks it runs through the Edgerton neighborhood. Between the tracks and Mt. Read Boulevard it forms the border between Lyell-Otis and Maplewood. The remainder - its western end - forms the border between the city (Lyell-Otis) and Greece, although Lexington is still part of the municipality of Rochester. Dewey Avenue is the other major intersection.

Lexington is also one of the roads that bisects Kodak Park. Mt. Read Boulevard is a major intersection.

Similar to Emerson Street, Lexington is a mix of commercial and low-income residential on the east side but becomes increasingly industrial as you continue west.

Located on Lexington Avenue

Traveling west.

The Edison Technical and Occupational Center is located on Colfax Street right off Lexington.

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