Air Force Plant 51

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AFPlant51wide.jpgAir Force Plant 51 - Photo by TomMaszerowski

4800 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14612 [Directions]

Air Force Plant 51 (sometimes known as Odenbach Shipyard) is located at the northern end of Dewey Avenue near Lake Ontario. The building is partially occupied by a scrap metal business and it is probably not a great idea to attempt exploring the facility. It is also reported to be one of Rochester's most polluted toxic waste sites. Access to most of the exterior is unencumbered but the interior is secure. Infiltration doesn't look like it would be all that difficult, if you're so inclined (and are wearing protective gear).

The yard is far from abandoned, and the portion known as the building is in use storing recycled metal. Entry into the building without permission will get you a meeting with the Greece Police Department, often Officer Phydeaux, in minutes. The owner of the property is well known for prosecuting, and given the current price of scrap, I'm fairly sure the charge will be a felony.

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The main 1300 foot long building was erected in the first 9 months of 1942 along with a canal to Round Pond, and a channel dredged to Lake Ontario. Ships were built & delivered before the building was complete. The white building East of the main building was the medical dispensary & offices. A model of the tankers built there and in Florida by Odenbach is in the Sr Citizen room of the Greece rec center at Town Hall.


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