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Yummy House in snow 20100227.jpgYummy House in Snow Feb 27, 2010

1354 Dewey Avenue, Rochester NY 14613 [Directions]
Hours (as of February 2010 1)
Daily: 11:00AM to 11:00PM
585 254 4680 / 254 0058
Fax: 585 697 0927
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Yummy House is a Chinese restaurant located on Dewey Avenue, offering take out or delivery (minimum $10 purchase for delivery or MC/Visa credit card purchases, extra fees too). Open 7 days a week. They have a few tables for eat-in.

See menu or call for more information - Discount Coupons for purchases over $15 or $25.

  Yummy House P4 Menu 2010 March.jpgMenu Back Cover, March 2010
  Yummy House P1 Menu 2010 March.jpgMenu Front Cover, March 2010
  Yummy House P2 Menu 2010 March.jpgMenu Page 2, March 2010
  Yummy House P3 Menu 2010 March.jpgMenu Page 3, March 2010


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2007-07-04 02:01:12   Ridiculously cheap take out. We are talking $6 (after tax) for 2 meat dishes and fried rice. I would say this is definitely one of the better Chinese take out places in Rochester in terms of quality and quantity. —OneLove

2007-08-05 20:42:43   This has to be the best Chinese take-out in Rochester. You get a regular take-out container filled to the brim with whatever you want for six bucks. —RobertSaurini

2008-05-09 19:15:36   I love Yummy House!! D-15 is my favorite. So much food it pops out of the container, I can never eat it all! GREAT CHINESE!! I recommend it. —JackBush`

2008-09-01 22:18:14   Yummy House has the BEST chinese food in Rochester. It's so cheap, and you always get a ton of food. The Chow Mei Fun is devine. Also, you can understand the woman who answers the phone which is a BIG plus. —carolturo

2012-08-24 17:04:17   Love there food. It is very fresh and when I ask for mixed veggies I get a lot of them. I am not close but they deliver. I wish I lived near but I would probably eating this a lot. Portion size great. would give it five stars but if you don't give the wife you will have to give numbers and I like to make up what I want my dinner meal. They also accept credit cards so when I am out of cash I still can get food. I forget to go to the bank alot so it a plus. —ESwan