Lower Falls


lowerfalls.jpgThe Lower Falls are just as impressive a drop as the High Falls.

The Lower Falls are very under-visited waterfall on the Genesee River within the city of Rochester. They are the highest falls on the Genesee in Rochester but the High Falls are generally considered to be "larger".

A bridge - which begins as Driving Park Avenue on the west bank and turns into Avenue E on the east bank - offers an excellent view. You can access the base of the falls (getting dangerously close, for you death-defying adventurers and anglers) from Maplewood Park on the West or via a trail off of Seth Green Drive on the East bank.


Lower Falls Gorge.jpgThe Lower Falls gorge. Photo by [WWW]_yoshi_

LFalls.jpgThe Lower Falls in Winter - by Andrew88 301564_876255989000_748925223_n.jpgRemains of the Old Refectory in Maplewood Park near the Gorge.