TRU Yoga


683 South Avenue, Rochester NY, 14620
Hours (as of January 2009)
585 271 3810
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
<truyoga AT gmail DOT com>

TRU Yoga is a yoga studio in the South Wedge.

They opened in January 2009 at 131 Gregory Street. They moved to a larger space in August 2014 and moved again to their current location on October 12, 2019.

P1020193.JPGOriginal Gregory St. location.


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2009-10-13 14:10:36   I have tried other yoga studios in the area but found this one to be the best for beginners who are college age or young professionals. Its not intimidating in the least. The environment is calming and not "stuffy". I don't feel like I have to wear lulu lemon to be accepted and the teachers are great. The people who go are all so down to earth and you can tell they just love being there. I guess you could say the atmosphere is calm but joyous as opposed to calm and serious. Also, they are the only one (that I know of) in the city to have "vinyasa flow" yoga as well as offer a lot of have classes after business hours. I highly recommend it! —AlisonBoncha