South Wedge Planning Committee


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224 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
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Monday - Friday: by appointment
585 256 1740
Wheelchair Accessible
<information AT swpc DOT org>

The South Wedge Planning Committee (SWPC) is a nonprofit dedicated to building community in the South Wedge. It encourages a full range of housing opportunities and promotes a diverse, historically significant, and commercially viable urban village. The SWPC also manages the South Wedge Farmers Market, the WEDGE Newspaper and the South Wedge Victory Gardens.

The SWPC is a partnership of neighbors and entrepreneurs working together. Started in 1975 as an outreach program of Calvary St. Andrews Church, it is funded by a variety of public and private sources. It is built on the dedication of many diverse volunteers who provide leadership for our organization and vision for the future of the Greater South Wedge Area community.

For more information, contact Executive Director Glynis Valenti at 585-256-1740.

The Wedge

The South Wedge Planning Committee publishes a bi-monthly (February, April, June, October and December) not-for-profit 12-page newspaper called The WEDGE. The WEDGE' first appeared in 1982 and was then called The S.O.S. News. After over thirty-eight years, the newspaper reached a circulation of 7000 and was distributed to over 100 retail businesses in the Greater Rochester area. It ceased print publication when the COVID-19 pandemic flared in March 2020 as businesses and restaurants closed and drop off spots ended. It currently remains online for the foreseeable future until the pandemic ends.
Its stories include news about the organization's projects, profiles of Wedge businesses and residents and a variety of columns about lifestyle, City of Rochester news, history, Swillburg news, Business Buzz and Arts & Leisure.
For more information, email editor Nancy O'Donnell Hale at


Each year in August the SWPC used to hold Wedgestock, a community-building street festival on South Avenue that attracted some 5,000 visitors. The day-long event included music, food vendors, craft booths along with the city's only Pet Parade. Unfortunately, the festival grew too big for the organization to handle and was discontinued in 2013.


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