Crazy Egor's

Former Location
4 South Ave, Hilton, NY 14626
as of May 2012

See Gone, but not forgotten

Crazy Egor's is a long-time gaming store (including board gaming), previously located in Henrietta, now in Hilton


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2011-11-27 17:11:05   Crazy Egor's announced via email on 11/25 that he will be closing his shop in the near future-specific date unknown yet —PeteB

2012-06-25 23:18:51   His website says that, although he's still active on E-Bay, the store has closed. —MarkJackson

2012-06-29 15:05:32   Crazy Egor works with me now so if anyone has a need to get a hold of him please let me know. Thx —peteb