Copper Grill

Former Location
2256 Hudson Ave, Irondequoit, NY 14617
CLOSED (as of December 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It opened on August 5, 2011, and appeared to be closed as of December 2012.


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2011-09-06 20:28:49   Living pretty close to Copper Grill, I was excited see something new opening in Irondequoit, had heard it was gonna be nice, gave it a look a few weeks ago, but ended up being utterly disappointed. Decor: Looks like it was decorated by a 12 year old boy who likes sports. Decals randomly stuck to walls. A couple jersey's literally hanging on coat hangers from the ceiling. There is a classy, for lack of better term, way to decorate a sports bar, if thats what you want to be, i.e jersey's under glass. This missed the mark by a mile. Buch of TV's around the 4 sided bar. Could be a good place to watch a game except the hanging lights over the bar block your view of some of the TV's. Kind of an oversite if your goal is to get people in to watch TV.

Food/Drinks: Nothing exciting on the beer menu. Pretty run of the mill. Otter Creek Copper Ale was a nice touch, but the rest of the beers you can get at pretty much any bar. Small, lame wine selection. Mostly stuff you'd see at a chain restaurant, Toasted Head, Blackstone, Kendall Jackson type stuff. Again, nothing interesting. We ordered a few things to share at the bar. Wings were pretty good, everything else was dreadful. The loaded fries looked as though they'd been sitting around for a while. Nothing tasted fresh. But then the menu is bloated, so i doubt they carry many fresh items. (sea bass is on the menu. Seriously, is anyone ordering sea bass here? Its laughable)

Service: The one saving grace. Both bartenders were friendly and personable. One could tell we were not enjoying the fries, as we kinda pushed them to the side, he offered to get us something else. That was nice, so many in the service industry just dont pay attention or are unaware. Or dont care

Crowd: Diverse, ranging from probably about 21 to 61. Quite a few familiar faces, aka Irondequoit townie bar flys. But overall, a nice bunch. No knuckleheads.

Overall; Maybe I'm being overly critical because I had pictured something else in my head, and I worked in the restaurant biz for a good chunk of my 20's, but I cant imagine going back. I cant think of a reason to do so. Theres just nothing that separates it from a million other bars (who have better food) —DrKennethNoisewater

2012-01-01 19:25:29   Have to agree with the previous poster in that it is standard bar fare. Ordered the Reuben which looked promising but the corned beef was inedible. Complaints were greeted by a disinterested cook and beligerent wait staff. I did like the Coppper Ale but there are better, friendlier places to consume than the Copper Grill. —SteveLig

2012-02-25 09:47:23   Our pizza was water logged and soggy, we complained to the waiter and he said "Oh sorry about that" and walked away. They held 3x our bill amount when they ran our credit card. When we called to ask them to cash out their credit card machine the manager refused and was very rude. We had to get the bank involved to release the hold on our money. We will never eat there again. —BarbG

2012-12-24 16:20:00   Closed December 2012 per 12/23/2012 D&C —jgerek